The markets

  • Monday: Cisternino, for fruit and veg.,clothes, shoes and household neccessities. Smallish with nearby bars which makes it a bearable morning with young children in tow!

  • Cisternino Market Cisternino Market
    Locorotondo Market Locorotondo Market

  • Wednesday: Martina Franca, nowadays much of the town’s people are employed in clothing or furniture production which means that a visit to the Wednesday morning market is a good idea and you will certainly find a bargain.

  • Wednesday: Fasano, known for its bargain prices in the clothing sector. Good fruit and veg too.

  • Thursday: Alberobello, if you are energetic enough, you can spend some hours there and take in a restaurant meal and the extraordinary trullo town too.

  • Friday: Locorotondo:- A small but pretty market.

  • Friday: Pezze di Greco, even smaller but very popular.

  • Saturday: Ostuni, a big market on the outskirts of Ostuni, head for the Francavilla road around Ostuni and the market is on your left. It is bigger than it seems and you will need an early start in hot weather to get through it all. Look out for shoes, bags, accessories, Italian crafts and of course fruit and vegetables that are in season. Creativeweb